James Mawuli Gawu

When land is “sold” to you for 99 or 50 years you technically don’t own the land forever oo, it’s a lease and yes after 99 or 50 years, unless your children “buy” it again, the land and all that is on it or in it goes back to the original owner(s). Yes I mean the building you built with your sweat will no longer be for you. The only way around this is to find the native owner who has the right to sell to you his original birthright called the usufruct.

Hence if you go and “buy” an estate house sitting on a land for which the estate company bought for 50 years and you’re buying the house after 15 years of estate development, know that you have only 35 years until the house is no longer yours…You didn’t buy that house you rented it for 35 years. Talk to your estate agent well, find a lawyer who understands the jargons to help with your purchase…so you’re not taken unawares just when you finish paying your mortgage and think you’ve arrived.

Don’t say you weren’t told. Oo I nearly forgot abeg if you’re a foreigner there is no way you can own land permanently in Ghana…no matter what the Ga man told you before selling it, you don’t own it perpetually…You can only lease and renew and renew and renew till one day Owula Onukpa says he doesn’t want You on his land again…

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