There are several reasons you should pay attention to your check engine light on the dashboard of your car.

The check engine light being on could mean a variety of things. It may for instance mean;

  • You need to replace your Oxygen sensor
  • Check if your fuel cap is missing or damaged
  • Catalytic converter may need replacing
  • Mass Airflow Sensor may need replacing
  • Spark Plugs or Plug Wires need replacing

Whatever the problem may be, you cannot take it for granted. It might be a problem that need immediate attention  or one that can be scheduled for check up during the weekend. Let’s take a look at some signs you could relax on when the check engine light is on.

There might be No immediate problem when the car seems to be behaving normally despite the Check engine light being on.

No strange noises from your engine may also imply no immediate problem.

Other indications you could relax are when there is no smoke nor strange smell

Are you getting the same fuel mileage? You may not have to fret.

Immediate problem

If you however experience any of the following signs, call in your mechanic immediately. Your engine is very likely in trouble:

  • Consistent rattle, knock or other unusual noise
  • smoke
  • A severe loss of power
  • A serious decline in fuel mileage
  • Car does not start

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