Ghana News–Another huge fun/education event is seriously cooking in the Volta region-Kpando, to be specific.

This time it is the amalgamation of various programmes scheduled for the Easter season.

There will be the Clean-up Exercise and a float along the major streets of Kpando, Borborbor tsimatoe at the Bank square, Easter fun games at Kpando Konda school park, #KpandoDeyJormPass Concert at the Sports stadium and the Adult counselling and relationship seminar at the Municipal Assembly Hall.

As if those are not enough, The #KpandoDeyJormPass Easter Rave will also be another huge storm that hits the town of Kpando.

Selorm Prince, spokeperson for the organizers explains to’s Bernard Buachi the project is to support and promote quality basic education in the municipality. “Many of the organizers are young achievers in various fields and we are taking it upon ourselves to mentor, inspire and motivate the pupils as well as donate some educational materials to these basic school pupils”.

He explains that a lot is going into organizing these events. “We need a lot of help to enable us pull this off so if you are a son of Kpando or an individual touched by our efforts, join us and support us with your resources to help make Kpando a better place”, he said.

Event organizers KCAA  and Salamta Army also seek to use the concert to showcase and promote Kpando’s home grown artistes and other creative arts industry players in the municipality.

These same group of young men and women put together a splendid “Kpando is our Home Concert” towards New Year’s day.

Check out the activities and their dates here:

Friday, 30th March 2018
Morning -Clean up exercise and floating :principal street of Kpando

Evening -Borborbor tsimatoe: bank square

Saturday,31st March 2018
Morning -Easter fun games :KPANDO Konda school park

Evening -#KpandoDeyJormPass concert at the sports stadium

Sunday 1st April 2018
Kpando Easter Street carnival

Monday, 2nd April 2018
Adult counselling and relationship seminar: district assembly hall






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