Akwasi Nti; Fomena NPP Chairman

Some NPP members within the Fomena Constituency have threatened to beat their party Chairman Akwasi Nti   should he campaign for any other candidate than the incumbent within the constituency.

Some of them who spoke to ghanagong.com revealed that the constituency is not at peace as far as the NPP is concerned mainly due to the activities of the Chairman.

“He usually mentions Chairman Wontumi as his backbone in his nefarious activities. We are entreating both regional and National offices of our party to bring our chairman to order and sanction him appropriately for beating up the MP”

They say if the party structures refuse to punish Akwasi Nti for assaulting the sitting MP, they will not allow him step into the constituency to conduct a rally supporting any other person.

“Akwasi Nti is running the affairs of the party based on his parochial financial needs and not for the overall good of the party. He wants every MP to succumb to his whims and caprices, hence MPs are only supposed to undertake projects endorsed by him or else he will engineer your downfall”

The NPP members who spoke to Joana Somiah of www.ghanagong.com and www.rawgist.com insisted they will oppose him this time around and prevent him from toppling the incumbent MP. They say the current MP is performing marvelously and deserves to be protected.

“If they connive to remove this MP, we will support him to contest as an independent candidate or allow the NDC to win the seat”.

Listen to one NPP member who spoke to us:

The NPP in the Fomena constituency has suffered some violence due to wranglings between Executives of the party and members within the constituency.

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