The Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) has designated the month of March as the Read a Ghana Book month.

“The idea is to encourage every Ghanaian who can read to read at least one book written by a Ghanaian or published in Ghana.”

A statement issued by the Association explains that though GAW encourages reading throughout the year, there is a special emphasis during the month of March.

The Association says “Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that the reading culture in Ghana has fallen drastically”; a situation they believe have dire consequences for the development and future of the country.

“During the month, GAW will coordinate public readings of Ghanaian literature for children and adults and engage with different stakeholders to publicise this purpose through public readings and media exposure of the readers and Ghanaian books.”

GAW, in their statement called on publishers and booksellers, especially booksellers and self-published authors to reduce the cost of books for this month “to encourage more people to read our books”.

They also called on libraries to stock and promote Ghanaian books more vigorously while at the same time urging the media to support the campaign.

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