Here are the Shortcodes for Vodafone

Shortcode Description
*700# Access data bundle menu
*124# Balance enquiry. Check your credit balance.
*500# Blackberry Offers
*125# Browser packages
*700*4# Bundle data for someone
*700*1# Bundle for two devices
585 Caller tunes. Formerly 134
*126# Check your balance on data bundles and promos
*900# Check your broadband balance
*127# Check your Vodafone mobile number
100 Customer care
Dial 555 Family and friends
*151# For more information on Vodafone products and services
*127*11# General news
*134*PIN# New recharge code.
PORT to 600 Number portability
02xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419 Report SIM-Box fraud
*565# Reserve your number to avoid losing it
*150# Roaming enquiry
655 Support text number
*505# To borrow credit
*117*old pin*new pin* new pin# To change the transfer of credit default password. i.e 1234
*126# To check bundle information
*400# To know if your number is registered
109 To retrieve voice mail.
*516*0208 xxx xxx *0*30*1234# Transfer credit in Cedis & Pesewas. Enter: *516*recipient’s number*credit in new Ghana cedis*credit in new Ghana pesewa*password# and send.
*516*0208 xxx xxx*5*1234# Transfer credit in Cedis only. Enter: *516*recipient’s number*credit in new Ghana cedis*password# and send.
*516# Transfer credit to another number
*200# Vodafone Red offers
108 Voicemail deposit. Formerly 2020.
109 Voicemail receiving
0501000300 Whatsapp line for Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Red

What is Vodafone Red?

Vodafone Red is a complete voice and data plan by Vodafone Ghana that gives on-net and off-net voice allowance, data, international calls and SMS. The Vodafone Red experience ensures that subscribers do not have different sim cards for different purposes.

Vodafone red gives weekly and monthly integrated bundles, giving you matchless value to take care of all your communication needs in one plan.

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