One thing you should know about me, I love mixing stuff. Anything and everything.

Healthy drinks are hard to come by these days, most of the drinks out there are filled with sugar and food additives.

They are mostly not good for your health. Reason I make most of the things I drink at home, I mean the local drinks.

They are not complicated to make or hard to get the ingredients needed for it and they are delicious and very healthy too.

Let me introduce you to 4 of my favorite easy local drinks to make at HOME.

To prepare prekese drink you need, prekese fruit, sugar/honey and spices (ginger, cloves and aniseed)
First, wash your ingredients and crush your spices and prepare syrup, strain and leave to cool.
Cut prekese fruits into average medium sizes and boil for about 25 minutes.
Finally, strain and mix with syrup. Chill and serve.

Ingredients needed to prepare karadafa drink are waakye leaves, sugar/honey and spices(ginger, cloves and wedeeaba)
Wash all your ingredients and crush your spices and prepare syrup, strain and leave to cool.
Later boil your waakye leaves for 15 minutes, strain and leave it to cool.
Mix both liquid together and refrigerate Serve with biscuits.

Ingredients needed are ginger, sugar/honey, lemon and cloves.
To start, wash your ingredients.
Wash and chop your ginger, crush cloves, add sugar and water. Boil for  30 – 40 minutes and leave it to cool.
Blend and strain ginger mixture to remove chaff.
Squeeze lemon into your ginger drink.  Chill and serve.

To prepare millet drink you need, millet, ginger, dry pepper, cloves and sugar.
Wash ingredients and soak all ingredients overnight.
Blend the overnight soaked ingredients and strain mixture to remove chaff.
Add sugar and stir. Chill and serve.

step 1: wash your spices and crush them.
Step 2: Add sugar/honey and crushed spices to water, boil for 10- 15 minutes and cool.


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