2021  has been an amazing year for men’s fashion and it’s only going to get better and grow stronger. That can only be enjoyed if you are having a complete wardrobe which means making sure you have all the essentials covered.


Men’s fashion is not as basic as people think no matter what your style is. There are multiple ways of styling yourself, so you’re never caught wearing the same thing over and over. Trends come and go but some fashion staples are timeless and very valuable for all seasons.

Here is a list of fashion staples for a Ghanaian man’s closet for y’all to know what is missing in your closet.


1. A Well-Tailored Full Suit That Fits

The best suits are those that make you look stylish, fits well and are comfortable to wear. A well-tailored suit can be worn for special occasions. You should get one in navy or grey colour if you are not a big fan of suits.


2. White Long Sleeves Shirts

A white long sleeve shirt pairs well with everything from trousers, jeans to shorts. It also matches well with any colour and can be dressed semi-formally or even for a very formal setting. Get yourself a couple of white long sleeve shirts and save yourself from stress.


3. T-shirt

A T-shirt can be paired with virtually any other piece of clothing as it is incredibly versatile. Find one that fits and hugs the body, not a second skin. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to colours, go wild. Happy styling.


4. Anything Ntoma

Ntoma is also known as African print and it could be in a form of trousers, shorts, shirts or even a jacket. All that counts is how you style them to suit the occasion. Find that perfect ntoma to look and feel like the true African king you are. Thank me later.


5.  A Blazer or A Jacket

The difference between a blazer and a jacket is a discussion for another day. They are casual chic, ideal to match jeans and elegant shoes, as well as tailored shirts and elegant trousers. Perfect for all seasons and that casual lunch date you have been looking forward to.

6. Chino Trousers

Chino trousers are a good alternative to jeans and suit trousers. They are ideal for all seasons and perfect for all occasions. There are endless options of what you can wear chino trousers with, from t-shirts to jackets or blazers. Pick Beige colours because they match well with other colours.

7. Jeans Trousers

Jeans are versatile and cool to dress up. All you have to do is look for a pair with just the right amount of stretch to stay comfortable all day long because you’ll be wearing them a lot. Black jeans or dark blue jeans always saves the day.


8. The Perfect Shorts

Shorts can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and there are a variety of colours, patterns and prints. All that matters is that you pick the ones you feel comfortable wearing. Now grab your favourite T-shirt for the ultimate smart and casual look.

9. Leather Belt and Wallet

Investing in a leather belt and wallet will go a long way. Get one in either black or brown.

10. Socks

Socks is a fashion staple that people hardly put thoughts into, which is wrong. The right socks will make your feet comfortable and clean. Get them in any colour and texture you want. Time to pamper your feet in the most fashionable way ever.


11. Black or Brown Brogue Shoe

Just because it is versatile. It goes with everything and everywhere. It can be worn with everything, from a suit to shorts, to the office and club. It never disappoints.


12. Sneakers

Sneakers are very essential and stylish. The right pair of sneakers can give your look a tranquil and relaxed feeling. A white sneaker never goes wrong. Step out looking dapper.


Bonus Point

Your Signature Accessories (Watches, Ties, Pocket Squares, Sunglasses ) you can never go wrong with any of them. Find one that works for you and enjoy accessorizing. 


Happy shopping.

What do you think of these wardrobe essentials? Tell us in the comments below!


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