Minister Quame Gyedu, gospel musician and minister of the gospel

One of Ashanti’s finest worship ministers, Quame Gyedu has released a single track titled ‘I win’ with the call on Christians to assert their positions in Christ Jesus.

Speaking to the Ghanaian Observer Newspaper in Kumasi, Minister Gyedu said it was time that Christians affirm and assert the authority they have in the Lord of Life, Christ Jesus.

He noted that all that pertains to godliness and victorious Christian living has been made available to all believers in the Lord.

No one, the Worship minister said should be allowed to intimidate Christians, adding that not even the devil with all his demons should have a foothold in the life of a Christian.

‘’We are fighting from a victorious position and our task is simple and that is to lift the banner of Christ and confess his victory over death and the grave’’, Minister Gyedu intimated.


Minister Gyedu urged Christians to confess all that Christ is to them every time and every day of their lives.

Such positive confessions, the famous gospel musician intimated, show how Christians see themselves in the Lord.

He noted that the awareness alone that they are victorious over the devil and his schemes in the world is settling.

Minister Gyedu said the continuous confession and affirmation of their status as Christians sets them apart from the world.


Speaking about the ‘’I win’’ track, Minister Gyedu said the track is the believers confession.

He stressed that the album gives the believer hope to survive and live for God knowing that no harm will come to their doors.

Minister Gyedu asked Christians to arm themselves with the thought that they are fighting from the victory corner once they are in tune with the spirit of Christ Jesus.

‘’I want to assure all believers that this I win single track is their victory song and it shows they will survive whatever the devil throws at them in this life’’, the passionate soldier of Christ stated.

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