Ghana News–A Pastor at the Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC) has decried how ungodly people are setting the trends as far as entertainment is concerned.

Pastor Samuel Aduama who is the Head Pastor of the Atasemanso branch of the church says it is sad that Christians cannot even entertain themselves and have lost out on the entertainment industry and left it to “worldly” people.

He was preaching on the theme; “Arise and Build”.

He emphasized that Christians should not allow the world to build for them but should rather build for the world.

“We don’t know how to entertain ourselves and have allowed the world to determine our entertainment. Now they are even teaching us how to marry. They say a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman”, he said.

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  1. But I think what the pastor is saying is ryt.because we the Christians are copying what the world people are doing.

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