You may have heard his name already and probably formed your amazing or not so desirable opinions about him.
Yaw Brogya Genfi is one of the rising stars of the National Democratic Congress. He is based in Kumasi and has unbeatable work ethic. In every sense of the word, the young man is a “go-getter”.

Here are some other facts about him that you will find interesting:

1. Yaw Brogya Genfi comes from a strong traditional NPP family. His grandfather, Nana Kofi Genfi II was the Member of Parliament on the ticket of the Progressive Party for then Atwima/Amansie constituency in 1969. And a Founding Member of the New Patriotic Party.

2. The usually serious looking young man will beat you at the board game of draught.

3. Yaw Brogya Genfi who carries the Christian name, Ernest (usually unused) is married with four kids (3 boys and 1 girl)

4. Yaw Brogya Genfi who is also Ashanti regional NDC youth organizer has over a decade experience working in both the Public and Private Sectors in Ghana.

5. Don’t be deceived by his serious looks, he will sweep you off your feet with his sense of humour. You ask his wife.

6. This one will knock you out…the Aspiring National youth organizer of the NDC was baptized at the Methodist Church on 7th January, 2018 (yes, this year). He was a member of the Emmanuel Methodist Church Junior Choir, Suame between 1992 – 1996 however, he just got baptized.

7. His family; the Nurom Genfi family is one of the biggest and most famous families in Ghana.

8. Yaw Brogya Genfi joined NDC because of the Ideals Jerry John Rawlings stood for. He claims he started to read about Jerry John Rawlings from 1999 because almost all the people he met in Kumasi at the time, had something negative to tell about the President. He then took the challenge to read-widely about President Jerry John Rawlings and fell in love with him and the NDC.

9. He is not only a political “animal” but an avid farmer as well. He owns and spends his free time on his vegetable farm in Offinso.

10. From his media engagements, you probably know about his abilities as far as verbal debates are concerned. What you probably didn’t know is that he also writes very well. In fact, Yaw Brogya Genfi finds time to blog @

11. Many have questioned his obsession with the current Finance Minister and this “KenBond” issue. Yaw Brogya Genfi tells he is not necessarily after Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta but after corruption. Close friends have confirmed Mr. Genfi’s intolerance for corruption. “He is determined to do all he can to fight corruption”.

12.God, they say, loves a cheerful giver. It is no wonder the young man is so blessed. Yaw Brogya Genfi makes donations at the least opportunity. He has helped and contributed to several causes including assisting people in need, his constituency, among others. He is indeed a philanthropist.

4 comments on “Brogya Genfi: 12 Surprising facts you didn’t know”

  1. I’m personally proud of Amani for his dedication, respect,tolerance and humility he has for party members .
    Amani your limit is above the sky.

  2. Now it is clear why he is arranging meetings behind the scene in the dark to meet with NPP stalwarts to discuss his chosen path with them. Such are the types who will just betray the cause of the NDC over time.

    Of the 12 points mentioned which one is an achievement?

    1. His greed and crave for power made him leave his post shortly after being elected as Regional Youth Organiser to contest for MP. He left his youth front to pursue his personal selfish goal of becoming an MP instead of concentrating on the task at hand, leading the youth to win an election. Such an unguarded dreamer.

    2. He is at loggerheads with his deputy, are you (the writer) aware of that owing to his inefficiency and inability to be a team player? Brogya is GOOD at using and dumping people, we those he did so to in the past won’t sit back. Why was he together with his s boss Yamin fired by JM, please dont throw dust into our ears. He may be good at draught and from one of the famous families in Ghana, is that also an attribute in politics. I call it a typical Ashanti behavior of seeing others as first class citizens and using wealth to define status in society, gibberish

    3. While he was aiming at becoming an MP, others had already settled on what they wanted, the National Youth Organiser, had he won the election to be MP would he have stepped down and come down to be an NYO. Purely, this is a sign of a post conscious dude who doesn’t really know what he wants, interested in titles or positions bit never ready to do a job. Look, Brogya will be given a flat foot race. He is a rebel without a cause.

    4. One is wondering which position he will vie for if he loses this one too?

    5. The likes of him misled the NDC and JM I to believing in #OperationOneMillionFiveHindred votes, what happened to that.

    6. If Brogya is that good as this naive writer wish to mislead the reading public into believing, he should remain in Kumasi and prove himself now that we are in opposition of his capability, unite the youth and bring in results from Ashanti, not in a hurry to come to Accra.

    7. Brogya is after corruption, Hahahahahaha dont let us open that Pandora box on him now, we are waiting for him to pick the forms. We won’t make oursleces gullible to any self seeking pretentious youth leader

    8. Ask Brogya WHY he is calling and reaching out to people to arrange meetings with big men in the NPP for him to announce his candidature to them, this cannot be tolerated and he will be exposed with incontrovertible evidence when the time comes.

    9. Tell us in an honest, or candid manner how he has verbally been apt in his submissions. Brogya is just an ordinary party member speaking whenever you watch him on set, pls.

    10. I chose to add this as the the the point cos you was t us to believe he has over a decade (10years) worth of experience, and what has that brought on board so far, hahahahaha

    11. Finally, tell Brogya to stop being a stooge. People cook a CHRAJ petition for him only to be invited and be reading as if it was by he s ingenuity, let him be his own man and act himself not on the pulse of others wai. You guys think you can confuse us with this CHRAJ petition, next joke please

    1. God is watching. With these words God would surely reward Amani

      We won’t reply you with harsh words. Allah knows best. You would pay dearly for spewing such untruth about someone you barely know.

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