Joseph Yammin in hearty chat with Ashanti NDC Chairman Nana Kwasi

Former Ashanti regional Secretary of the NDC; Joseph Yammin says losing out in the regional election has not set him back in his quest to get a win for John Mahama in election 2020.

“Politics is about winning and losing elections. Politicians worth their salt know this and it’s no big deal that I lost an internal election” he told Bernard Buachi of

He says he is even more resolved to ensure that former President John Mahama rules this country again “to continue the good works he started”.

Joseph Yammin, who was also a Deputy Ashanti regional minister under the erstwhile NDC government rates the current NPP government zero in terms of achievements.

He says the NPP government led by Nana Addo has become synonymous with scandals and corrupt deals. “For instance, why would the NPP government opt for an expensive drone deal while I learnt some Ghanaians wanted to run it for free? It is a controversy we have to find an answer to” he said. “Obuasi is not on the list for the first tranche of the Sino Hydro facility and yet why are there contractors working on that road?” he queried and also sought to know how come some 12 million Cedis was used in renovating the Accra sports stadium.

He says the NPP government has to lead the way in providing several answers to things that came up last year that could not be understood so that they nation can set those controversies behind her.

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