Ghana News–Pastor Ransford Obeng, the General Overseer of Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC) says rather applying gimmicks to prayer Christians should display faith in the name of the Lord.

According to him, God answers prayer not because of how long Christians pray or the antics they employ when they do so.

God, he noted answers prayer because of the simple faith Christians display in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ through whom all prayers should be channeled.

Speaking at the Midweek Service of the Church in Ayigya, a suburb of the Kumasi Metropolis, Pastor Ransford admonished Christians to rather pray with the understanding that their prayers are heard because of the relationship they have with Christ and the faith they have in him.

‘’We are not heard in prayer because we pray long or we apply some gimmicks such as the squeezing of the face or by applying oil on our heads’’, Pastor Obeng posited.


The CCC Leader asked Christians to engage in prayer with a simple attitude as someone who is talking to his father does.

This, he explained creates a better rapport or relationship between the Christian and his God than the manner in which people devise weird attitudes to getting their prayers answered.

Pastor Ransford noted with pain the wrong theories many have propounded about prayer and were leading many to pray amiss.

The simple attitude to prayer, the respected servant of God mentioned is to have a clear mind when one prays and trust that God answers him or her because of the finished work of Christ on the cross of Calvary.

‘’We pray because we are taught by our Lord to do so and when we pray we must have faith that whatever we ask would be given us if it is in line with the will of God’’, Pastor Obeng reiterated.


Pastor Obeng cautioned Christians against the use of bangles or other items as means by which their prayers would be answered.

God Almighty, the CCC Leader maintained is not in any item that some pray through or pray with.

According to him, prayers are only answered when it is prayed through Christ Jesus and nothing else.

‘’It is surprising that people have this impression that when they wear certain bangles and put on other items around their bodies God will hear them. The true God only answers prayer when it is prayed in the name of Jesus and no one else’’, the experienced man of God posited.

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