Experienced DJ and General Manager of YFM-Kumasi has been explaining why Kumasi has been struggling to sustain her entertainment industry.

General Manager of YFM-Kumasi; Nathaniel Osei Kufour also known as DJ Mahony

Kumasi is Ghana’s second largest city after the capital; Accra.

However, it seems that in order to make it musically, upcoming artistes will have to relocate to Accra.

The few musicians who began to shine in Kumasi had to eventually move to Accra to establish their careers.

The trend it seems is not only occurring on the music front but all aspects of entertainment; a situation that is getting many entertainment lovers worried.

Nathaniel Osei Kufour, popularly known as DJ Mahony however says the reason for this trend may be a bitter pill for many who hail from Kumasi. And what is the reason?-“Kumasi folks don’t do long term investments”!

“In Kumasi, it’s all about bringing goods and taking back your money quickly, we don’t project into the future, only short term visions” he fired in an interview with Bernard Buachi of ghanagong.com and rawgist.com.

He insists that the Arts industry is mostly a long haul business. “Short term thinking and investments just won’t cut it”.

“Off head I can count the number of pubs at that level in Kumasi. You will however get several top class entertainment centers in Accra that have been there for years” he said.

DJ Mahony even ventured to say that the novel concept of the Kumawood industry is taking a nosedive because of this short term mindset where investors only look at fielding a few folks just to sell quickly regardless of their fit for the story. “Sometimes, they don’t take time to produce a good script, editing is haphazard and the video quality screams “CHEAP”.

He however hopes the trend changes soon to avoid young talents moving away from the Garden City of Ghana to the already congested capital.

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2 comments on “DJ Mahony explains why Kumasi’s entertainment sucks”

  1. This is a sad development.
    Our people (Most Ghanaian entrepreneurs) needs serious education on this showBiz industry. Industry players also need data to back their proposals.
    No business man will be willing to commit his money into a venture where he’s not guaranteed an income. They therefore choose to stick to their traditional way of making money.

    Alot can be achieved if we put things together in this industry

    1. We see you feel strongly about this piece. Thanks for engaging. Feel free to send us a write-up on the subject. We will be glad to publish it to make your industry better.

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