Tricycle drivers in Techiman say they are unhappy with the treatment being meted out to them by the Police.

They say the Police Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) personnel treat them very harshly.

“We used to carry three passengers, now they have forced us to reduce it to two. As if that was not enough, they forced us to get Driver’s licences and insure our tricycles”. They say the Police stop and arrest them at the least opportunity.

Owners of the tricycles, now known as “Pragyia” say the attitude of the Police in Techiman is bad for their business.

They say that the tricycles have so far employed over 400 youth in the municipality and should be encouraged as a solution to the unemployment situation in the area.

They also explain to that the “Pragyia” tricycles are cheaper and convenient even for the poor folks.

Credit: Addo Ali

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