Toure Abdul Razak

A polygamist who has four wives, Toure Abdul Razak has assaulted his third wife on Monday night following a misunderstanding over issues related to their marriage.
According to a source close to the third wife of Mr. Razak, the assault has left the wife with multiple injuries on her head, eyes and nose. Pictures of the assault were shown to an Accra based journalist.

Narrating the incident to the journalist based in Accra, the source disclosed that Mr. Razak on Monday night punched the 3rd wife in the face during a confrontation and also hit her head against a wall several times, leaving her with bloodshot eyes and bleeding nose.

The assault was carried out in the presence of their 4-year-old daughter and 1-year-old boy according to the source close to the family. The source also disclosed that, Mr. Toure did not even have mercy on the wife despite the cries of his daughter to stop beating her.

Toure Abdul Razak is the CEO of Hijrah TV, an Islamic channel on satellite in Ghana. Sources close to the family of the battered 3rd wife say he is notorious for inflicting violence on his wives. Monday night’s assault has aggravated the situation as he also threated to kill her according to the source.

The source also added that the victim is currently at the 37 military hospital receiving treatment. A doctor’s report on the victim’s assault sighted by the journalist showed that she has been left with blurred vision and severe headaches following the incident.

The case has been reported to the police and Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) in Accra.

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6 comments on “Abusive polygamist brutally assaults 3rd wife and threatens her life”

  1. No woman deserve such treatment in any situation.This man must be delt with accordingly. This is insane, this is inhuman and unacceptable. This is the 21st century, Not the era of “Jaahiliya” for God’s sake! Think about your mother, your sisters, your daughters , if another man should do the same to any of them.
    Young Man, you need help you look smarter than this heartless act. And in the presence of your 1 & 4 yrs old toddlers, son, you have SOWN an Unforgettable Seed in the heart of your 4 yrs old girl. She’s going to be seeing daddy as a monster from now.
    Remember, What Goes around Comes around. One day you would feel this Pain too, the PAIN you inflicted in her Parents and family.

  2. It’s very bad to do such a thing to a stranger not alone to your wife. He doesn’t need to assault her, if he thinks the love has evaporated or finish he should rather divorce her and take her back home safely. She is the lady he claimed he loved and now whats wrong. May Allah forgive him and change him for good.

  3. The lady doesn’t deserve such barbaric act, but if may ask, what happened ? Has the lady did something that triggered all these assaults ?

    We need to watch what went wrong behind the seen!!!

  4. No matter offence she must have committed, he doesn’t have the right. She is his wife and not slave nor daughter

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