Omanhene of Agona; Nana Anokye Frimpong Ababio

The 13-year reign of Nana Anokye Frimpong, Omanhene of Agona Traditional area in Ashanti has come under scrutiny by some concerned youth of the area.

The youth drawn from Agona, Akrofonso, Bepoa, Wiamoase, Kofiase, Bedomase and Afamanaso, has called for the abdication of their chief.

A statement issued at Agona and jointly signed by Coordinator Kofi Agyermang of Agona, Organizer Nana Afari of Afamanaso/Bedomase and Executive Member Osei Boateng of Wiamoase respectively, has given the chief a one-week ultimatum to step down in his own interest by Monday January 21, 2019.

They have not assigned any reasons for the call and explained that reasons would be assigned at the appropriate time after the one-week period has elapsed hoping that the embattled Omanhene would take their kind advice in good faith.

The youth leaders alluded to their alleged sorrows, pains and agony that has characterized the reign of Nana Anokye Frimpong Ababio, ever since he occupied the Okomfo Anokye Amoampong Stool the past 13 years.

Nana Frimpong Anokye Ababio (formerly known as Dr. Daniel Kwasi Berkoh) was born in Ghana in September 1942. He holds a BA (Hons) in Geography from the University of Ghana, Legon. He obtained a Master of Arts (Geography), with specialisation in Economic Geography, from University of California (UCLA), USA in 1970. He further went on to obtain an MPhil and PhD (Geography) with specialization in Location Theory and Planning from Columbia University, USA, in 1974. In 1985, he obtained a Diploma in Economic Development Planning from The University of Tashkent, USSR.

Nana Anokye Ababio has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors of the economy. He is a member of the National House of Chiefs and an Adjunct Lecturer at GIMPA. He remains the chairman of the Finance Committee of the National House of Chiefs, a position he has held since 2013.

Nana Frimpong Anokye Ababio has contributed immensely to Ghana’s economic growth and development through his extensive participation as chairperson/member of several boards and committees of national importance over the past four decades. He served as – Director, Land Valuation Board (1988-1998); Director, Administration and Finance Committee, West Africa Examination Council (1982-1995); Director, Science and Policy Research Institute (1994-2002); Director, Central Regional Development Commission (1992-1997); Director and Head, Multilateral Sector, Ministry of Finance (1993-2000); Director, Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Ministry for Private Sector Development (2001-2002).

Nana has also served in varying capacities on several national steering committees. He was the Chairman, National Poverty Reduction Programme Management Board (1996-2000); Chairman, Steering Committee of the Renewable Energy Services Programme (1998-2000); Member, National Technical Advisory Committee on 2000 population census (1997-2000); Member, Ghana National Committee on Agenda 21 for Sustainable Human Development (1995-2000); Member, Technical Committee on National Employment Policy (1994-2000); Chairman, Ghana National Fire Service Council (2007-2009). He was a Dean of Students at GIMPA from 2004 to 2008.

Nana Frimpong Anokye Ababio is an expert subject advisor on Public Finance Management and a thought leader on Management, Capacity Building and Leadership. He has extensive research experience having written and published several papers on Economic issues, Geography and Leadership. He is also a distinguished honorary member of The Research Board of Advisors, The American Biographical Institute and a Distinguished Fellow of the Distinguished Scholars of Africa.

But his rich background notwithstanding, the youth of the area say they want him to stay clear of the Agona stool in his own interest assuring that they (youth) will give tangible reasons for their position.

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19 comments on “Omanhene of Agona under pressure to abdicate stool”

  1. Is really good timing for this action as every town under good leadership is progressing apart from us. Look at our amenities and they sharing and looting after each land is sold. Bravo guys!!

  2. He was the chairman National Fire Service of Ghana and no Fire Truck in his town?. That’s a shame. He must go. I support the group.

  3. This is a sound warning to the non performing
    Chiefs in the country who are only interested in
    Selling stool lands.

  4. This is a sound of warning which also goes to chiefs who are not performing but are only interested
    In selling of stool lands and lay bare the development and well being of their subjects.

  5. Nana should stand firm.the youth are lazy and ignorant
    Bravo nana especially the palace you have just built. The youth should go and find jobs and contribute to the development of the district. and stop looking for hands out

  6. I have waited for 2 days to hear from the so-called youth to specify what wrongs the chief has done to no avail.How do you ask him to abdicate when we do not even know the wrongs he has done? I think Agonaman should rather be proud to have such knowledgeable and honourable person as their chief.Just look as his profile in the above article.

    1. I am very surprised by your comments. I don’t think you are a patriotic agonaman. He was the chairman of the national Fire Service council but there’s no Fire Truck in his town. Even a new district like Mampongteng has Fire Truck.

  7. The youth of the Town May have tangible reason.But that is not how to go by it.There are processes involved in the distoolment of a Chief and that has to be followed. And it will be very appropriate if they can outline their motive behind this.

  8. Do you really think your complaint is good enough to warrant the destoolment of a chief? If we are really “patriotic” and serious about lifting the image of Agona we should should all put our hands on the wheel and contribute rather than finding flimsy reasons to remove the chief.The fact that he was the chair of the board doesn’t give him extraordinary powers to divert all national fire service resources to his home town.

  9. I don’t really know you. If you wish to debate me about Agona, come out identify yourself and let the dabate begins. I wish they are strong enough to pursue their mission. I am the vice president of the Agonaman kuo of America. I have just spoken with the President of the Association who is in Ghana . We are donating an Ambulance to the hospital probably next week. If you want to talk about patriotism, call and let’s dabate. I think you’re naive and do not know what you are talking about. You don’t need degrees to be omanhene but goodwill and dedication. I am very sorry for you. Agonaman is what it is because of people so naive like you.

    1. You are calling for a debate but you seem to have lost your temper already.All what I am saying is that removing a sitting chief will not necessary bring progress especially if allegations are not substantiated and are flimsy.It is rather the concerted efforts of all Agona people that will bring progress.That is why I applaud those of you in America for all what you have done for our community in the past and what you are still doing.I hope your efforts will inspire everybody else (home and abroad) to come on board to make their contribution.
      Coming back to my earlier contribution to the matter of destooling the Omanhene,I agree, degrees do not make great kings but I still stand by my point that you can not pick any ordinary illiterate or semi-literate to mount the Amoapong stool.
      More importantly you and I know what chieftancy disputes have done to social cohesion in Ashanti region, Agona not excluded.Energy and resources that go into fighting each other can be diverted into developing our ailing community.

      1. I have not lost my temper. I am frustrated. We have not seen any developments in the past 13 years he’s been the omanhene. I have a friend who relocated to Agona 5 years ago and said to have seen the chief in Agona only twice. How can you run the town and not live there. I have no vested interest in his destoolment. After all if he is destooled, who ever replaces him will come from the same house or family and that is the problem. Our association is about 20 years now but has not met anybody from that family who attends our annual Congress or pay dues. Last year I received a call from Agona that there is only one blood pressure monitoring machine at the hospital . I called an emergency meeting but executive members voted against the proposal because they didn’t understand why a whole district hospital should lack blood pressure monitoring machines. I took it upon myself bought 3 and our treasure also bought 2. Our president was already in Agona so he joined him there for the presentation. They went to the traditional council and informed them of day of the presentation but no one show up. I wrote about the fire trucl.
        Agona is an old district since 1969. Tell me, is it wrong for Agona to have a Fire Truck if Mampongten a newly formed district could have one. My family house caught fire about 10 years ago. They called my brother in kumasi who then called the fire department. They were fought up in traffic at Tafo. It was the timely intervention of students from Agass coming from their new site who helped put out the fire else the whole house would burnt to the grounds. Kuffour came 8 years we got nothing. Akoffo Addo is in his second year there hasn’t been any change. My friend sat down with the chief begging him to go and see the President for some development projects but he refused. I can continue on and on but won’t change anything. What I will say is that if you are happy with how he is running the town, I am not. For now that is all I can say.

  10. This is really good..i was born and raised in Agona Am 22years old and i have never set my eyes on this king….i even thought there was is no chief in Agona till i heard that he stays in Accra .. I think we will need a king who will be available anytime his town members needs him

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