There is a very long and angry old road

He is religious but his heart is so cold

His sins, many so he goes to the altar

with blood of humans with animal faces

His sacrifices, mostly are never whole

different shapes of maimed men on a scene

he lifts them up to his disgruntled gods that be


A traveler sits and dreams behind some wheel

‘I have eagle eyes, I drink little, never get tired’,

Suddenly, his engine takes its last breath

There and then he is awakened from the dream

He finds himself in a strange destination

With others still, wondering or wandering

fingers are then pointed but the altar, long served


There is another who sits beside the wheel

He has a quest to escape from his shadow

the whole world, awaiting his swift arrival

So, he steps into the pan with his eyes closed

‘the flame is cold’ He urges the offerer

Until finally he also arrives

wondering, wandering… strange destination


Man, in uniform inspects the sacrifice

He sees the holes in the offering pan

He beholds the dream in the traveller’s eyes,

hears insulting whispers from impatience lambs

shortly, he is offered a coin to swallow

Then the hell gate gleefully swings wide open


I write…. even as I journey… wondering….

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