John Mahama is being chastised by a section of Ghanaians for “washing Ghana’s dirty linen in public”

A lot has been going on after the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election held on the 31st January, 2019 following the demise of Member of Parliament for the area Hon. Kyeremateng Agyarko.

People were alarmed when the deceased widow decided to contest the late husband’s position. Well, she did and she won. The NDC minority in Parliament refused to recognize her and named her “bloody widow”; an action they have been heavily criticized for.

The election however was marred by some violence around some polling centres. This was compounded by the emergence of armed, well-built masked men who also contributed their share of mayhem during the election.

The big question among many others are “Who are these men?” The answer to this question has remained a matter of speculation even to people who claim to know some of these men. The answers given by State security players are also not sitting well with the larger society.

National Security gurus say they are part of the country’s security apparatus, whilst many also insist they are party mercenaries who have been resourced to do the ruling party’s bidding.

In all two thing are clear; that these hoodlums who have come to be known erroneously as “vigilante” groups have outlived their welcome in Ghana’s democracy and should be done away with. The other highlight is that there are serious problems with the country’s security set-up. Plus watching the President’s committee sittings and the incoherence being churned out gives no comfort.

The drama around the issue was also heightened by two events namely the commencement of the Short committee‘s work on one hand and then the showing of videos and commensurate commentary on the AWW happenings to the diplomatic community by former President John Mahama.

Armed men in Police uniforms wearing masks stormed the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election.

Whilst managers of the country’s security incoherently struggle to explain away the security related chaos that characterized the by-election, former President Mahama remains at the center of a raging debate about the appropriateness of his action.

Many; mostly sympathizers of the NPP, believe Mr. Mahama’s action amounts to washing Ghana’s dirty linen in public but others mainly members and sympathizers of his party insist it is necessary especially as it is being seen as a foundation for election 2020.

Whether or not former President Mahama’s action is also in response to a request by the Diplomatic community as being spread on social media by NDC folk is unclear. Was that really the case?

In the face of the obvious distrust of the existing national security machinery, what action should have been taken by Mr. Mahama and the NDC? What is the way forward for our security as a nation? How should Ghanaians look forward to election 2020? Your thoughts are welcome.

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Some thoughts on the subject as they come in

By Michael Ofosu-Afriyie, Ashanti Regional Editor for the Ghanaian Observer newspaper.

My view: There is nothing wrong with the former President making known to the international community the dangers associated with GHs elections with the recent one being the violence that characterised the Ayawaso West Wuogon by elections.
I sincerely believe that it is better we highlight same in order to ask for help in combatting the worrying trend before our next national elections which promises to be a tough one for all the parties including the ruling party.
However, if the video shown to the international community by John Mahama was a carefully cut to fit piece aimed at painting a bad picture to our partners about the country then i would describe the former President as an insincere person.
As a practising journalist i find the violence that occured at Bawaleshie as warning sign sent to us in a timely manner si we work to halt it before the crucial elections in 2020.


By Frederick Acquah

Regarding former President’s actions toward the state of our security. If you critically look to it on political perspective then he is right because NPP in opposition did a lot to undermine Mahama’s governance. But as a statesman having sat on the seat before he shouldn’t have done that (meeting the diplomats) because it tarnishes the nation’s image and prevents investors coming in. 

There is a saying that “opinions are like noses.” Notwithstanding that the security of the nation is more important than any other politician. He should be mindful of what he does if he is indeed a changed person and a prodigal son.

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