Ghana Aquaculture News-Ghanaian youth are being encouraged to consider taking advantage of current weaknesses in the aquaculture value chain in the country.

A research Assistant at the KNUST’s Faculty of Natural Resources; Andoh Kweku Amponsah, says there is production of various fish varieties in Ghana with people siting ponds across the country.

He asserts that the production is capital intensive and usually too costly for young people especially fresh graduates.

He however believes young people can make good money linking producers and consumers, selling inputs such as nets, feed, etc. to farmers. He revealed that sometimes, fish farmers have to search or travel long distances to get some of their inputs; a situation that necessitates the setting up of shops for such inputs across the various fishing and fish farming zones in the country.

Andoh, who spoke to Bernard Buachi of at the site of the faculty’s aquaculture research facility at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology explained that a lot of research findings are made from the facility, documented and made available to the world via academic publications; a result that gives him great joy as a researcher.

He encouraged fish farmers to feel free to consult the department for any form of education or information they may require to start or enhance their fish farms.

He also encouraged consumers to visit their ponds for wholesome fish to buy.

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3 comments on “There is great opportunity in the aquaculture value chain for young Ghanaians-Research Assistant”

  1. What’s the essence of converting Conti? Is it because halls are few? Is it a temptation to the male students? Whatever it is the authorities of KNUST must/should put better plans in place to put up more infrastructure to accommodate students. What is there for the private sector to invest in the infrastructure of the institute? Globalization, modernization, technology, etc should be looked at. Our fathers who designed the halls in that way knew what they were doing. It’s like free education in our 1992 constitution, our fathers knew what is good for us. Let me tell you something, when the country’s population was less than 5 million, the white administration acquired 3,977 acres land for water facility, Onwabi, Ashanti. Now the country’s population is over 25 million, which we are suppose to expand the facility, the land is encroached for some few persons benefits. Everything our fathers put down for us as monument we are destroying them. And we call ourselves knowledgeable persons. What is the essence of traditions and culture?

  2. Wonderful work here Ben. Aquaculture is on the rise indeed and there are many opportunities abound also, thus foreign investors are trooping in. Why don’t we give out soft loans to interested youth and subsidize the prices of feed and other input or better still setup more aquaculture feed processing companies.

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