The Ashanti Regional Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Francis Adomako has called on the Police to arrest the suspected goons who attacked the Old-Tafo Member of Parliament, Dr Anthony Akoto-Osei and party executives.

This, the lecturer believes will help to halt the senseless wave of attacks by people who claim to belong to the NPP.

Speaking to this reporter after hearing about the attack last Sunday night, Mr Adomako expressed disgust about the behavior of the Delta Force group which is known to be aligned to the NPP.

He wondered how a group that traces its roots and pledges allegiance to the NPP would defiantly attack its own members just because they have grievances.

‘’I am surprised about what am hearing that a group that claims leaning with the NPP can still attack an elder and astute MP of our party just because they have grievance?’’, the regional organizer quizzed.


The regional organizer asked party people to use the laid down structures of the NPP to channel whatever grievances they may have.

This, he stressed makes the party a human institution than the resort of crude and senseless perpetration of violence in addressing matters.

Mr Adomako urged that rather than violence people should learn to open up with their problems and grievances for redress.

The NPP, he noted is famously known for using democratic methods in resolving issues and challenges that bother on welfare and jobs.

‘’I believe the best approach to getting your grievances heard is to let it out and the best way to let it out is to talk or communicate same but it is unfortunate that rather than deploying this method some people find the use of violence as the best approach’’, Mr Adomako fumed.


Sounding a caution to other MPs in the party, Mr Adomako has asked for the regular holding of meetings between MPs and their electorate.

This approach, the organizer posited will enable the MPs to explain whatever they are doing at their offices for the constituents.

Likewise manner, the organizer said the constituents will get opportunity to let out their challenges to the MPs for redress.

Town hall or community based meetings, the organizer proposed could be deployed by MPs as well as CEOs and Metropolitan, Municipal, District, Chief Executives (MMDCES) to ensuring they have a fair idea about what their constituents expect from them.

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2 comments on “Arrest, prosecute those who stormed Tafo-Francis Adomako”

  1. Am sad when I hear such comment from people who preach good and turn to do bad on the other side. Francis is talking about MPs and MMDCES, and the rest to communicates well with the grassroot whiles he is refusing to do proper communication with his organisers and their deputies in Ashanti region, a lot of issues are there for them to let him know and sort it out before it too late but he is not doing what is expected from him. So Francis if this is your advise then pls do the right thing to make sure NPP stand well in the Ashanti region for 2020.

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