Ghana News–Francis Adomako, a regional organizer aspirant for the Ashanti branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) last Wednesday picked the number one spot on the ballot for the upcoming internal contest of the party.

After undergoing a rigorous vetting exercise conducted by the Regional Elections Committee in Kumasi, the University lecturer picked the top spot of the paper to be used for the April ending polls.

Speaking to the Ghanaian Observer Newspaper later, Mr Adomako expressed satisfaction at the manner the vetting process was conducted.

According to him, the exercise afforded him opportunity to tell the committee something about himself, his capabilities and the vision he would want to push when given the nod as regional organizer in the upcoming election.

‘’The vetting exercise was a useful venture and I am glad I had opportunity to let the committee members know what stuff I am made of’’, Mr Adomako intimated.


Speaking about his placement on the ballot paper, Mr Adomako waxed scriptures indicating that God has already crowned him victorious.

According to him, there is available evidence that the delegates are bent on crowning him as regional organizer in the upcoming polls.

Mr Adomako said delegates see in him a dedicated, respectful and candid person who is committed to using the resources of the party for the intended purposes.

The intelligent university lecturer believed that the number 1 slot represents the voice of God and the voice of the people who want to see a vibrant person lead the party as organizer.

‘’I am convinced that this battle is prepared for my victory and picking the top spot on the ballot is only a testament of what my God will do on the election day’’, Francois posited.


The aspirant pledged to use the office he will be occupying to strengthen the grass-root base of the party.

This, he said will involve the marshalling of all branch and constituency organizers to undertake field work aimed at shoring up support for the NPP in the upcoming 2020 general election.

The other wings of the party such as Nasara and women organizers, the affable lecturer indicated will be involved in the designing and planning of all outdoor programs of the party.

‘I am committed to involving all wings of our party in the field of work and am planning to execute my functions with the involvement of all groups in the party so that we win every community for our candidates in 2020’’, Mr Adomako noted passionately.

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