Some of us in the Ashanti Regional Capital of Kumasi as well as the Asokwa Municipal Assembly watched with happiness when suddenly some road contractors who had abandoned projects they were undertaking came back.

With little information at that time no one thought that they had been persuaded by some personalities to return to work.

This is because several of these contractors had before last week threatened not to work until government pays them monies they are owed.

So for them to return following threats they issued earlier on, one was naturally happy they had rescinded their hard stance.

However, information gathered from deep throat sources indicated that these contractors were prevailed upon by some high profile government appointees to return so that they are not made to look bad since the President was visiting to tour the region and the metropolis for three days.

It is now not surprising that some of the contractors from last week Monday worked at dawn just to finish some abandoned portions in the metropolis as well as the District capitals.

We at are surprised that the NPP government and some of its assigns rather want to look good in the eyes of the President rather than the ordinary Ghanaian whose votes ensured that they return to government.

But these tricks, unfortunate as it is, was  deployed by some personalities in the NDC party to deceive the then President,John Mahama that they were working only to be exposed by the figures of the 2016 polls.

We therefore want to caution the NPP to be careful of seeking to use deceptive practices knowing very well that Ghanaians are wide awake and would surely punish any party that tries belittling their intelligence!

May Ghanaian politicians respect the good people of this land and work to make them happy rather than seeking to deceive them with sweet words!!!

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