Interesting places to visit in Ashanti region : KNUST poolside 

Looking for a cool place to hang out in Kumasi? will help you decide where to go.

TODAY, we look at the KNUST poolside.
It is advantageously located close to the main KNUST entrance in an area with impressive vegetation cover.

The immediate surrounding of the poolside

As the name suggests, they have what is arguably the biggest swimming pool in the region. People who know a fair bit about pools tout it as “Olympic size”. Divers are also catered for with a three-tier diving platform. The pool is well maintained with a small kiddie pool for children. If you are an avid swimmer, the KNUST poolside is the place to visit.

You can also grab some drinks, pizza and other meals there. You can even place an order and get it delivered to your door.

The poolside has a lot of space, causing the place to be used sometimes as an event ground. When there is no event, the poolside is often serene and hence suitable for informal meetings and private relaxation.

Not so much can however be said about the washrooms and changing area. It is generally an eyesore. Old and broken down water closets with dysfunctional flush handles, wet floors, lack of tissue paper characterize the washroom.

Aside the unsightly washroom, the KNUST pool side is generally a fun place to be.

Let’s do a photo tour of the place.

Toilet facility at the KNUST pool side


KNUST pool urinal
Poor and unsafe electrical wiring at the locker room


The bar
The bar area


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