MCE-elect, Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA)

The President’s nominee for the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly,  Mr Samuel Pyne Tuesday morning posted a 94.8% vote to become the confirmed person as Chief Executive (MCE) for Kumasi Metropolis.

Polling 55 out of the 58 persons present at the emergency Assembly sitting, Mr Pyne now becomes head of the most popular outfit in the Kumasi Metropolis.

The KMA originally has a total number of 60 persons as Assembly members including those with government appointee status.

On Tuesday, two out of the 60 eligible persons were absent with one said to be indisposed and the other out of the country.

Before Tuesday’s voting, the Presiding Member for the KMA had threatened to lead the Assembly members to reject the President’s nominee due to the huge debt the Assembly is confronted with.

The PM indicated that the debts of over GHC 50 million cedis had stifled initiative and projects at the Assembly.

He noted that the Assembly would only confirm the MCE nominee when government accepts to pay off the debt.

However, speaking in a Kumasi based radio station on Monday, President Akufo-Addo who was on the last leg of his four day visit to Ashanti appealed to the Assembly Members not to make Sam Pyne a victim of what has happened but rather confirm him for him to address the issue of the debts.

Speaking to the public after his confirmation, MCE-ELECT, Sam Pyne thanked the President for the confidence he had in him by nominating him to the high office as MCE.

He pledged to work to develop the Kumasi Metropolis beyond what is seen now.

He rallied the Assembly to stand with him as they devise and chart a path of development.

Mr Pyne promised to involve all stakeholders to ensure together they work to develop Kumasi and provide security for residents.

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