A goal is vital in becoming successful and relevant in life. In the subsequent weeks, we intend to do an in-depth analysis on HOW TO SET GOALS AND ACHIEVE THEM WITH EASE~. Our aim is simply to inspire people to set audacious goals that can revolutionize every aspect of their lives.

What’s a goal and what’s in a goal? Well, there are several definitions of what a goal is, but one that catches our attention for the purpose of this article is a definition by Napoleon Hill. The inspirational author of the all-time bestseller, “Think and Grow Rich”, defines a goal as “… a dream a deadline”. Indeed, any dream without a deadline must definitely be a joke~In fact, life itself is just too short for us not attach deadline to the things we do. The danger of having a DREAM without a GOAL is that it make take you forever to reach it. Deadlines are critical in translating our ideas into achievements. You need a deadline for your goals!

Goal setting is a process with steps. What then does goal setting involve? Simply put, the art of goal setting involves: 1. Envisioning what you want to achieve;

2. Planning on how you intend to go about it (strategy);

3. Implementation. The focus here is how you intend the action plan to be deployed;

4. Monitoring and Evaluation. This stage involves putting in measures to ensure that what is been implemented runs in tandem with the original plan.

So, if you realize you’re getting results either than what you expected, you may want to go back to point 1 or 2 as the case may be and reorder the entire steps. Most goals fail because, people fail to establish a monitoring system.

Things don’t work when they are left to themselves! 

There are different classes of goals. Goals could be either short term, medium term or simply, long term. What most people fail to realize is that, a long term goal can never be independent of a short term goal. There’s a need to realign our long term goals to our short goals. Remember what you do daily will determine what you will become in twenty years. Wisdom therefore demands that you discount your long term goal to the present and apply appropriate strategies to reach there.


Goals are significant. They are indeed valuable! Andrew Carnegie, American Business Magnate says that “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”. What does it mean? Simply put, your ability to set challenging and exciting goals can bring some excitement into your life. Most people who complain that their life is dull often have not target in sight. Setting goals and working towards them is the simplest way to become successful and make your life counts. If you’ve been wondering why you need to take the pain to set goals regularly, the following may inspire you to take action.

Successful people live their lives by goals and targets. A person cannot leave his life to chance and end up becoming outstanding in life; it never happens! Success in virtually every area of life is attained by setting a goal and working towards it. To wit, you can succeed in your spiritual life and ministry, career, marriage, health, personal finances, business, simply by setting goals in those areas and accomplishing them. Success is very simple! Successful people are always setting and working towards one goals or the other. According to author and speaker, Norman Vincent Peale, “All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be or do”. There is no other magic formula for success than this!

Culled from the book #HOWTOSETGOALSANDACHIEVETHEMWITHEASE coauthored with Elizabeth Boandoh.

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