The second reason everyone serious person needs to regularly set goals for the different facets of their lives is that, goals have a way of placing demand on our time and inspire a sense of urgency. Research shows that people who are driven by goals have a sense of urgency towards life than those who live by the day hoping for the best. For such people, their success strategy is premised on hope, but as you should know, hope can never be a strategy for success and achievement. We must be intentional about succeeding and making impact in life! As explained earlier, this discourse is limited to setting personal goals.

The focus is on the individual and how he or she can set goals that relate to spiritual, finance, career, relationships and health etc. It’s an open secret that people who often have no target in sight end up wasting their precious time on other non-essentials other than where they should be heading towards. The most potent antidote to time wasting is to have a target in every face of your life. If you have a goal and still end up wasting your time on things that do not matter, then you really need deliverance. As we often say, “Life is just to short to be wasted on non-essentials”. There’s a need to approach life with a sense of urgency!

Needless to say, the way a person manages his or her time depends on the kind of goals set. Those who set challenges goals strive to use every minute of the day to work towards them. They are often excited about each day because, they see it as an opportunity to get closer to their future. On the other hand, those who set smaller goals take life easy and try to do their best and lastly, those who have no goals at all live anyhow. However, if you envision making the best of out of life, every seconds in the minutes of the day will count to you. You can’t set big goals and mismanage your time! Goals are motivational tools; they help us to work with a sense of urgency and manage our time well. Life is short and some missed opportunities may never come again. What needs to be done must be done immediately without wasting time!

Are you keen on making lasting impact in this life? Where are your goals and the deadlines? Do you have goals for your finance, career, relationships and marriage? How about your business? Where are the strategies? Are you managing your time well, and are you living your life with a sense of urgency? Remember that, time is too short to be wasted!

Culled from the book #HOW TO SET GOALS AND ACHIEVE THEM WITH EASE co-authored with Elizabeth Boandoh (The Super Girl).

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