Former President John Mahama

Former President John Mahama says his defeat in the 2016 elections was an act of God.

He believes it was meant to give the NPP an opportunity to “embarrass” themselves and give Ghanaians something to compare his government with.

“The NPP thought governance was easy. They were always shouting about hardship under the NDC, then God decided to allow them to experience it for themselves. Now they are experiencing it and Ghanaians have something to compare with.”

The former President was speaking at a campaign event at Fanteakwa North.

He recounted how the NPP used to say that “we are sitting on money and yet hungry. It is now worse during their time than ours and you can see that it is all God’s plan” he said. He said had it not been for the hardships Ghanaians are currently going through under the NPP, they would not have appreciated anything we were doing.

“If their hefty promises were anything to go by, each constituency should now have 2 million dollars in their account” he said.

He said the party is now lacing its boots to take over power. “We made a lot of mistakes in 2016, we have learnt our lessons and we are rising as a stronger and more formidable force.”

He said the party and the campaign is now focusing on the grassroots which he pointed out comprises the 29000 branches of the party.

He stressed that elections are lost or won at the polling station and hence the people at the grassroots are best placed to ensure the party’s victory in election 2020.

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