Pastor Samuel Aduama; a senior Pastor and Administrator at the Calvary Charismatic Centre (CCC) says the gospel must be used to transform society.

He believes strongly Ghana can become a first world country on the back of the gospel.

Pastor Aduama who spoke to’s Bernard Buachi believes strongly that as a young minister with a vast experience, he is in an advantaged position to champion the forward march of the country; a move he intends to make soon. He explains that God has burdened him to be a voice of transformation in the country and hence will be talking about issues of spirituality, morality, economy, education and other issues relevant to national development.

“The teaching of God’s word to change things in our society is a burden God has placed on my heart. Looking at my experience in life as a young person, I think I’m better positioned for the next level; to be a voice in our national discourse”, he explained.

Pastor Aduama who has traveled and gotten exposure to the systems of other countries believe it is not beyond Ghana to experience rapid growth. “Ghana can easily change her fortunes if only we decide and are committed to doing the right things.”

He challenged the youth of Ghana to rise up and shirk all excuses because God has given us everything we need as a country to achieve greatness.

Watch Pastor Samuel Aduama as he articulates his vision in this video:




1 comment on “Video: CCC’s Pastor Aduama set for transformative national discourse”

  1. Pastor Sir. Kindly let me ask what kind of gospel are you preaching that is not having an readymade impact on society that now you want champion a course on changing the society? What have you been doing?

    Pinpointing, this assertions has no bearing in Scriptures and therefore deserves no doctrinal flavor.

    This visions or dreams is one that can be compared to an NGO and not a preacher of the Gospel. It’s so much filtered with personal pursuits. Meanwhile the Gospel is One.

    Paul said: ” But we preach Christ and him crucified” 1Cor 3.

    No other. No esoterics. Or emotions attached. The Gospel is Christ and him alone.

    Anything other than this very ONE thing is vain scheme. In actual sense such pursuits do not carry the potency of transformation.

    Christ is the world’s transformation.

    Jesus’s era had such struggles: there was tyranny in Jesus time. But Jesus never sort for Reformation from Pilate or Herod. He went all about preaching the Kingdom of God. He believes underlining all things problems of society, when people adhere or heed to this gospel. The society is changed instinctively.

    If Jesus had this aspirations, he couldn’t been crowned King. But he didn’t. For he knew the hearts of men and he needed no testimony of men.

    It’s “your” vision
    It’s “your” dream

    But Not God’s. God’s own is CHRIST JESUS.


    You may succeed with/before men. But per the Gospel, it is a FAILURE.

    Hope this helps? Let me know.

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