Ghana News–Pastor Samuel Aduama; Head Pastor of the Atasemanso branch of the Calvary Charismatic Centre (CCC) in Kumasi is struggling to understand what is wrong with the country Ghana and its inhabitants.

Delivering a sermon on Sunday 7th May, 2018 on the theme; Arise and Build, Pastor Aduama  lamented that God has blessed Ghana so much yet we cannot build our nation. “It is not just the job of politicians to build Ghana”, he said and added that “God wants us to be builders”.

He cited the small island of Mauritius and their success at utilizing various irrigation techniques to ensure year round farming whiles Ghana with all the fertile land and favorable weather remain food insecure.

“We excuse ourselves too much in this country”, he cried and stated that “it is not alright just because you drive a good car or live in a nice house. …It is not about one individual”, he said.

He said there are principles and patterns for building the lives that God wants for us and that we need to study and also take time to build whatever it is we are building very well.

The sermon followed a weeklong prayer festival held at the church. He revealed that the prayer festival was going to be institutionalized within the church because God wants to give members “the Grace to do exploits” and there is the need to remain steadfast in prayers.

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