By Nelson Semanu & Elizabeth BOANDOH-KORKOR,

It is important for us not just to be interested in our comfort during difficult seasons of our lives. We should also be interested how we can position ourselves for the glory of God to be revealed. God cherishes His glory!

Remember, it is not just about your COMFORT, His glory also matters to Him! Don’t joke with His glory!

God can decide to allow anything to happen to you if that will bring Him GLORY. It may not be because of a sin you have committed. It is just that God wants to show forth His glory to the world.

Is it not amazing that most of us get to know God better during the most difficult seasons of our lives? It is at those times that most reveal God’s nature, character and power!

Life is not about you! It is about God and His glory! So, let Him do what He wants to do with your life!

One thing that God guards jealously is His glory. Indeed, God looks out for opportunities to manifest His glory in every situation. He is not only interested in our comfort; He is also interested in showing forth His glory even in our most frustrating moments.

So, learn to take it easy with Him when life seems to go against you!

It is important to state that, often, some of the situations He uses to manifest His glory may not seem favorable to us, but at the end of the day, He gets the be glory. God can use your failures to bring out His glory! God can use your disappointments to bring our His glory. God can do everything and anything with your life! Just allow Him to do His job!

Are you down to nothing? Is your business on the ground? Is your marriage on the verge of collapse? Are you finding it difficult to get a new job? Have you been laid off? Has your most favorite friends forsaken you? Don’t worry, God will use it for His glory! Just trust Him! The point is this: God is not the originator of evil but when the devil strikes hard, he uses that opportunity to manifest His glory!

Of course, He can create His own opportunities to manifest His glory in our lives, but He just enjoys taking advantages of opportunities the devil creates, sometimes. Do you get it?


So, don’t complain anytime you get into difficulty, because, He might have allowed that to manifest His glory. Remember, that it is not about what you are going through (no matter how inconvenient it may seem), what matters is the GLORY of God being manifested. God is a show man! He likes to exhibit His supremacy during adversity. He may be seeing the frustrations you are going through but if that will bring Him through (through a miracle), He will permit you to go through it.

He may be seeing the embarrassment you are facing but if that would allow his name to be glorified at the end why not? Often, we miss this point because, we are only interested in our own affairs and not what God wants to do!

This is a very important key to walking with God.

You may ask: Can’t God use good things to show forth His glory? Yes, He can! But often, we don’t yield ourselves in order to manifest His glory except in hardships and difficult moments. Most of us just forget about God when everything is fine! Is it any wonder that most of forget about God when we prosper and seem to be doing well in every area of our lives? But God will do everything He has to do in order to manifest His glory.

Put it in another way, “God is putting Himself on display!” That’s God for you!


The word glory is derived from the root word KABOD and has the following meanings: “full weight”, “true nature”, “full essence”, and “true reality”. The glory of God is the visible manifestation of God. God had a reputation for greatness, supremacy and power, and He displays this from time to time through events that happen in the world. The Psalmist declare in chapter nineteen verse one: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands” What a mighty God!


God created us for His glory! We are containers of God’s glory and He uses both positive and negative situations to bring out that glory! We may not like it, we may not enjoy it, but at the end, His name would be glorified.

You were created to manifest God’s glory whether you are a medical practitioner, entrepreneur, president or whatever you may be engaged in.

Everything on earth was created to manifest the glory of God. Your talents, your beauty and everything about you is supposed to glorify Him. Your marriage was meant to reveal His glory! The children He gave you are for His glory! The political position you hold currently is for His glory! Your state of singleness must be used to glorify Him. Your marriage is for His glory!

But if you refuse to give the glory He deserve, HE WILL SQUEEZE THAT GLORY OF YOU.

There is one thing we must all understand which is this: God does not joke with His glory and He will everything He has to do, for His glory be revealed.


We wish to state that, people don’t often get into problems by their own mistakes.

Sometimes, you can get into a difficult situation by no fault of yours. Suffering and hardship is not often a sign of disobedience and lack of faith in God.

We should also stop the habit condemning people when they seem not be doing well in life. They may be suffering today, but the table may turn tomorrow.

God specializes in using pressure, testing, temptations and frustrations to sometimes bring His glory out of us, and we should understand this very well.

We wish to state emphatically that difficult moments are vital in bringing the glory of God in our lives. Why? Because, most of us never bother about giving God glory when everything is fine with us.

Most of us misbehave and even insult God by our actions and lifestyles when we seem to be enjoying total prosperity.

Consider this:

Is it not amazing that the only time some politicians remember God is during elections?

Is it not amazing that some entrepreneurs only recognize the supremacy of God when business goes down the drain? Do you some single people lose interest in prayer after marriage?

Do you know some employees never bother about alnights and other church services after they land on their dream job?

Do you know some poor people maltreat other people after God blesses them?

Do you some people cannot fast and pray until a calamity knocks at the door?

Do you know some believers only go on their knees during very frustrating moments in their lives?

Do you know some leaders only recognize God when they are at the verge of death?

These are the reasons why sometimes; God allows the devil to strike. We lose our sense of praise to God when everything seems alright. But God will not share His glory with anyone!


Joy might have left your life due to some financial challenges you may be facing, or you may be worried and sad due to some frustrations in your career, business, relationship or marriage.

You may be having sleepless nights due to some challenges at the office. You may have lost a boy friend or girl friend recently. You may be struggling to grow a new ministry?

Whatever it may be, remember that God can use that situation to do a miracle that will bring Him glory!

God is looking for people who have lost hope so He can create a glory story.

God wants to turn your situation around so everyone will know that He did it!

Remember, He created you to manifest His glory! The purpose of your life is to manifest His glory!!!

Praise the Lord!

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