It was during one of those lazy gym times when you really don’t feel like lifting any weights but still had to show up at the gym because you must.

I caught myself stealing glances at the female side of the gym where the aerobics session was ongoing. It was almost as if the guys had been banned from partaking in the aerobic exercises. Gorgeous university girls rocked their bodies to wild music.

The tight fitting gym attire coupled with the sudden movements left a lot of curves and bouncy movements to be enjoyed by a bored young man.

Breasts held bondage in bras and bums struggled to free themselves as the fine ladies jumped up and down in their quest to get fit.

My scope narrowed to a particular lady who was nicely dressed and had nice curves. She caught me twice stealing luscious glances at her.

Some of the aerobics movements were very luscious and got my blood running hot. I was forced to adjust my boxer shorts a couple of times to avoid my boner from showing.

The fast paced music slowed down, they started stretching, and before long, the session was over. Some left but newly found object of interest chose to do some other exercises. I gathered some courage and approached her and found out her name was Rhoda. She was flirtatious as well and invited me to help her with some squats since she wanted to develop firm thighs and buttocks. I would demonstrate a particular workout, and then ask her to try it. I will assess her; sometimes touching her thighs, back and even buttocks…the perks of being a fitness trainer. I had to keep hiding my erections which came on and off depending on how close we were. She kept sulking and complaining about every single workout and how painful it was and I kept dishing out motivational messages and promising massages that will make it all feel like magic.

We trained and talked and trained and talked until most of the other gym members cleared out. When she was done training, we talked some more. Then she reminded me of my promise to give her a massage. In, fact, I had bragged so much about my ability to give various types of massages that, I was afraid I was going to fail to live up to my own hype. I really prayed she was not serious about the massage bit but unfortunately, she was all over me to redeem that promise.

I led her to the small office that also housed a massage bed in the gym. There was only one person in the gym by this time and he did not even seem to be paying attention to us. She took off her boots and a pullover she had tied around her waist and then lied down on the massage table. I started applying pressure on her body from her neck down to her lower back, emphasizing her waistline. After going up and down a couple of times, she began to groan and moan under her breathe. I was too excited and hard by this time. I was also trying so hard to be professional.

I moved to her feet and tackled her toes all the way to her thighs. She winced a bit when I got to her thighs. Rhoda had also worked out her ass muscles and I was not sure whether to touch that gorgeous pair of round, bouncy ass staring me in the face and it would be awkward to ask so I took matters into my own hands. I descended back to the toes. This time around, I spent some time on the calf and the portion behind her knee whiles observing her keenly. She was moaning gently again; a good sign. I then moved and dwelt on her thighs; this time working the insides of the thigh and waiting for some resistance. To my surprise, she spread her legs a bit wider for me. My confidence level shot up and I went in a bit farther until I was sure I was rubbing her vulva with the back of my hands. Her breathe got heavier and so did her moans. I went straight for the ass and started kneading it. She did not resist at all. Before long, I was massaging only her ass and her vulva and getting motivated by the suppressed sounds exiting her throat. After some minutes, I asked her to turn so that her face faces up.

She obliged. That is when it struck me that one of my sexual fantasies was about to be realized.

I took her quick peek into the gym and outside to assess our risk of being found out. We were along but for some of the members who had finished training but were casually chatting outside the gym along with the gym owner.

I zoomed in on her nice looking boobs and began massaging those as well and in the most sensual way I could. She stretched for my dick and began stroking it as well.  “Wow”, she mumbled. After a while of stroking, she guided me by my dick to the head of the table where she began to give me an amazing blowjob. Her tight stretch pants were down her thighs and I could only behold such amazing body. There were lots I wanted to do with that body but I had to keep in mind we were in a public place.

She slid down the massage table and stooped sexily in a standing doggy position. I knew just what to do. I brushed my engorged black penis from her butt crack down as if to extend it. I found the wetness and gently pushed in as she stiffened and groaned. I pushed a bit farther and then pulled gently out and enjoyed every bit of the sounds she made. It was either the dick was that amazing or she knew how to excite a man. I however could not be bothered at the moment. Within seconds we were both moaning ear to ear and enjoying the little we could enjoy of each other. She mumbled amazing words that got me harder and more excited.  After a few minutes of heavy pounding and exchange of nice whispers, we began bargaining. “I’m gonna cum, you are gonna make me cum” I mumbled as she pushed back to meet my groin with her butt; a move that resulted in a slapping sound I was uncomfortable with. She however was lost in the moment and couldn’t care less. “Don’t cum” she instructed “Not yet”! I pushed hard, ramming her and giving her the deepest penetration I was capable. Rhoda shouted unconsciously and then I pulled out suddenly. She gushed squirt and she was wobbly. She held the table tight. I tried to hold her but she slapped my hands and did not want any further touch. I pulled my shorts up and sat on the massage table watching her recover from a quite dramatic orgasm.

I heard footsteps approaching the office and quickly asked her to pull her pants up. She grabbed a mop stick to quickly clean the squirt fluid off the tiled floor. The door swung open. The gym owner stared at us in a confused manner and we stared back. Rhoda’s boots were still lying carelessly and I guess our demeanor was telling. He smiled and asked me to meet him outside immediately. He couldn’t wait to confirm his suspicion. Rhoda came to meet me outside looking quite moody. She asked me to see her off. I got to know her room, we exchanged contacts and set a date for the next day.

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