The spontaneity of the whole event was startling. I had never had this kind of experience before except in my imagination. Rhoda was however giving me feelings that pleasurably confused my entire being- feelings of fear of being caught, feelings of excitement, a wild mixture of infatuation and love mixed with the amazing tremors we both had after explosive sexual activities.

Tonight, there were two sets of people praying in one corner of the soccer field. My car was parked at the farthest corner of the park away from them. Occasionally, they would go berserk and cross the centre line as if heading out way. I would freeze briefly in anticipation. Rhoda would however look up briefly and then go back to the ecstatic sensations she was producing with her tongue on my shaft.

She was partially kneeling whilst squeezed into the space between the front seats and the back seat in my little corolla saloon car. She was wearing extremely short pants with what could best be described as a pullover. The pullover top had been raised to expose her filled boobs one of which was in my right hand as if they had been glued to each other. She would occasionally move my hand from one of the breasts to the other. She was totally in charge. After a while, she withdrew from the blowjob she was delivering, lied on her back with her legs up and slid off her hot pants. My hands headed straight for her pussy but she slapped my hands and tugged on my dick which by now was as hard as a rock decorated by veins that gave it a rather masculine look. She went down on all fours and looked back at me. Wow!

I was struggling to position myself behind her due to the very limited space in the car when we saw a man in boots wielding a flashlight in one hand and a heavy looking stick in the other approaching the car from a dark spot near the classrooms. I froze, watched and prayed he would turn another way. He however headed straight for the car.

The prayers and claps of the worshippers became suddenly very audible to us. Rhoda begged me to start the car and race off the field and the school premises but I stood my ground. “You know this is my neighbourhood, I don’t want any disgrace” she kept saying.

The security man knocked on the car’s left back window. We were seated in the back seat like passengers of a taxi waiting for their driver. I lowered the glass and gave him a quizzical look. Rhoda did not have enough time to wear her tight jeans shorts so she pulled her top over her privates and prayed the darkness would provide adequate cover. i was also somewhat funnily dressed but kept a straight face. He asked what we were doing. I explained, trying to sound as formal as possible that we were waiting for someone in the neighbourhood but did not want to back on the shoulders of the road so decided to enter and park safely on the field and also discuss private issues while we waited. “Well, you cannot park here at this time please. First of all, you are not supposed to park on the lawn, also, we have had problems with drivers using the school compound as a permanent parking place and we have strong instructions against that” he said firmly and asked us to move. Rhoda did not utter a word. I asked her whether we should just get a room and finish up but all she said was “just take me to my house!”

I knew Rhoda well enough to know that she was blaming me for what had just happened and though it was a very spontaneous act we both did, I was not allowed to argue. I apologized for the embarrassment as I drove her home. I tried to sound nice as we said our goodnights but she was obviously not in a great mood.

I tossed and turned in bed later that night replaying the sexual activity that had happened barely two hours ago. I had a strong erection that was refusing to tame itself. I tried to remove the security man from the episode in my mind and continue to the point where I would brush her buttcrack with my warm erect dick until I felt the slippery area. I imagined entering and hearing that reassuring deep sigh and the moans and heavy breaths that followed the in and out movements of intercourse. I imagined her nice ass making contact with my groin and my scrotum slapping her pubic area as if seeking entry alongside the penis. I could vividly see that face she made when she looked back at me from the doggy position as if begging for more. I rushed to pick a towel I kept by my bed as I felt the semen gush out. I was trembling.

I woke up in the morning to a lovely text message from Rhoda apologizing for her change in mood the night before. She wanted to finish what we started as she also could not sleep that night. “Come pick me this afternoon”. Damn”, my day was already made.

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