Okpekpewuokpe Akpinifia Dagadu IX graced this years Volta fair at Ho

Paramount Chief of Kpando; Okpekpewuokpe Akpinifia Dagadu IX Thursday gave reasons why any investor looking to invest in the Volta region needed to head to Kpando.

He insisted that Kpando’s lake, land and human resources was a strong enabler for investments in the area. He also pointed out that the people of Kpando are peace and fun-loving people who are welcoming of visitors to the area.

The paramount chief who was speaking at the exhibition day for Kpando which was Thursday hinted that a lot is being done by both traditional leadership and the local government there to ensure that Kpando, which he says is a huge tourist potential is transformed into a huge tourist destination. He said a lot has started and in a space of ten to fifteen years, Kpando would be named amongst tourist destinations in the country.

He explained that there is a lot of culture for visitors to enjoy as well. “Many of you only know borborbor as the cultural dance for the people of Kpando. That’s however not all. We have others like Akaye, Tudzi, Agbekor, Akpi, Adevu amongst others; a wide array for any visitor to experience and enjoy” he explained.

He also added that the people of Kpando celebrate the Dayibakaka festival which is based on the story of the migration and settlement of the people of Kpando at their current location.

He noted that, due to the drive to bring investments into Kpando, his palace is opened to working closely with any serious groups of investors and ensuring that bureaucracies were reduced to the barest minimum.

The 6th Volta Trade & Investment Fair seeks to drive regional economic growth by showcasing the untapped potential of various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and tourism amongst others.

The event, held at the Jubilee Park in the Volta Regional Capital brought together businesses, investors, Traditional leadership, government officials, media organizations and members of the Diplomatic Corps towards the development of the Volta region.

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