World AIDS Day: Ghana confident of meeting new HIV/AIDS targets by 2030

Director General of the Ghana AIDS Commission; Mr. Kyeremeh Atuahene has expressed confidence in Ghana’s ability to attain the fastracked 95-95-95 targets.

Speaking at a press event to mark this year’s World AIDS Day Celebration, The Director General of the GAC explained that Ghana, like many other countries were unable to attain the 90-90-90 targets set for the year 2020 due to several factors including “structural factors such as funding, poverty and stigmatization”. He however announced that the National HIV/AIDS fund will address the funding gap whiles other multipronged measures deal with the issue of stigmatization and social inclusion.

For his part, Chairman of the occasion; Nii Ahene Nunoo III; Abola Mantse of the Ga traditional council recounted how the issue of health is interlinked with other issues. He emphasized the need to eliminate stigma and discrimination of people with HIV/AIDS and other conditions.

He called on all to join hands to help in the fight against discrimination of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

UNAIDS Country Director; Angela Trenton commended Ghana for making great strides towards attaining the 90-90-90 targets and dealing with stigmatization. She was confident that Ghana will reach the new and more ambitious global HIV/AIDS targets. She assured that there will be greater investments and a more enabling environment stressing the need for laws and other measures of dealing with gender disparities and human rights issues.

US Ambassador to Ghana; H.E. Stephanie S. Sullivan reiterated that “no one is safe until we are all safe”. She outlined how the US has collaborated with Ghana on dealing with HIV/AIDS and pledged her country’s continued support towards achieving the new targets.

Mrs. Cornelia Ayeh; President of the Network of People Living with AIDS revealed that many have reached viral suppression by consistently taking their medication. She also called for COVID-19 protocols to be followed seriously by people living with HIV/AIDS in order not to complicate their condition.

Mrs. Ayeh also stressed the need for knowledge sharing. She believes the more people know about successes being chalked in dealing with HIV/AIDS, the better Ghana’s chances of dealing with the condition.

This year’s World AIDS Day Celebration is under the theme; “Global Solidarity, shared responsibility” and sub theme “Stay safe, let’s end AIDS by 2030”.

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