Your vision is your life in its entirety!

Simply put, your financial success is connected to the pursuit of your God-given vision.

This is your greatest breakthrough factor!

Until you discover the vision God has placed in your heart and pursue it, success, significance, wealth and personal relevance will elude you.

You are as important to your generation as your vision. Indeed, without a discovery of your God-given vision in life, you are of little relevance to your generation.

The house you will you live, the cars you will drive and the monies you are supposed to have in your bank account are all hidden in your vision.

Not just that, God has also ordained people who are supposed to support your dream, financially. But all these financial resources will remain hidden until you arise and pursue that vision God has placed in your heart.

God has put everything you need to succeed in this life inside you!

~Nelson Semanu & Elizabeth Boandoh-Korkor (Bestselling Authors)

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