It was a boring Friday evening. I had been relaxing for most part of the day in preparation for the trip ahead and the weekend’s engagement.

I had to attend a two day seminar in the capital, Accra and was already packed up to leave when I received a call from Aisha. Aisha is my very close female friend. Aisha and I would usually discuss anything especially issues related to sex and the opposite sex. She would usually share her opinion on relationship issues that baffled me about ladies while I give her the rundown on what they guys are also doing.

That particular day we had been discussing on the phone the possibility of her finding me a girlfriend among her female friends. I told her how lonely I usually felt and the fact that I was ready to make it worth the while of any female that would make me happy again after my last heartbreak.

We were scheduled to meet at Watchtower; and discuss further over drinks after which Aisha would see me off to the bus terminal for my journey to Accra. She was already there fidgeting with her phone when I arrived. She was excited to see me and gave me a hugging welcome that made everyone around turn their attention to our table. We quickly got the bartender to get us some beers and started talking about plans for the weekend.

Aisha sadly told me she only had one female friend left in her world and doubted if I would like her. “Besides, it’s been such a long time we discussed relationships and boys and it would be awkward to bring this up all of a sudden. Give me time to warm her up into the discussion” she asked.

I was beginning to bow down my head in disappointment when she said something that made me sit back; “Or do you want me to invite her here and see how it goes?” I quickly nodded several times in succession.

Rhoda, our expected guest arrived in about twenty minutes and ordered Kiss; a fruit-flavored alcoholic beverage the ladies love so much. She was very quiet…almost shy as far as I could judge.

Aisha dragged Rhoda aside and had an undertone conversation with her when they were a safe distance away. Though I did not hear a thing, I was sure whatever they discussed was well received by Rhoda who kept nodding to everything Aisha told her. They returned to the table shortly afterwards and to my surprise, the seating order changed. This time, Rhoda came to sit by me and like they say, the rest was history.

I found myself on a most memorable trip to Accra with Rhoda beside me. She in fact made the long trip short and very pleasurable for me. She wore a very short skirt that exposed a lot of skin that excited every nerve in my groin.

Sooner than I expected, we were checking into our hotel. I couldn’t wait for the night to unfold. I had to consciously put my imagination on hold.

We had hearty chats about several things and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Though we slept very late, I found myself awake at 3am with a huge bulge in my briefs. My searching hands were parried off by Rhoda when I made my first attempt at foreplay. I tried desperately to sleep but my efforts were not rewarded.

After about twenty minutes of desperately trying to keep to myself, I tried my luck again with Rhoda. My hands started searching and groping. My hands moved gently from her arms to her shoulders, pausing to make way for a kiss on the neck. No response. But no resistance. That was better. My curious hands continued moving towards the upper back, the lower back. She turned sleepily and positioned her buttocks right in front of my groin. As if that was not enough, she pushed further until her soft ass was pressing against my hard throbbing dick. That was my cue. I slid my hands up her thighs, raising her short nightgown in the process. She was naked underneath. I was breathing faster and faster by this time. I held one half of her naked ass in my hand and caressed while slipping my fingers in between her thighs from behind. She froze for a second as I felt the wetness all over my fingers. She pushed her buttocks further outwards and with one hand movement held by engorged dick from behind. It was my turn to freeze.

To be continued…

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