I recently interviewed some of my female friends as well as some of their friends and it will amaze you what I found.

I asked them what women REALLY think when they first realize that a man they have already fallen for has a small penis.

The answers will shock you.

Of course there are those who say ” oh, size does not matter….as long as I love him, it’s ok”. That’s quite comforting.

The scary bit that men out there should know is that, women constantly check out your crotch without even realizing they are doing so. It is an automatic reflex for a woman to check out the size of a man’s dick.

You see, women may fall for a guy for several different reasons. Many women are turned on by a man of high integrity, a man that has a charming personality, a man with a good sense of humor among other pre-conceived qualities.

So, before a woman ever sees the penis, she may (most likely) have fallen hard for the guy…

BUT as surely as the love relationship progresses, there’s a point at which she does indeed see your penis for the very first time.

Many men who have a smaller penis worry a great a deal about this moment, although they may never even want to admit this.

Now, to the moment of truth…

As hard as it is to break it to you and as unfair as it is to (us men), a generality of women are always hoping for a big one. It is a big disappointment when they see a smaller one on a guy they have already fallen for.

Because they have already fallen in love, most women will do everything and anything to cover up how they truely feel about this disappointment. They’d almost rather die than make the man feel inadequate.

They therefore try to make the best of it while secretly agonizing over the situation.

Many females, it seems really try to overlook the fact that the man they are seeing has a small penis.

Even an average sized penis can cause quite a discussion because women always hope for a big one.

It is true this is very unfair to the man.

Ladies say things like, “So, he has a small penis…. that’s really no big deal right? He’s so great in other ways.”
“We say these kinds of things because we really mean them but then our basic instincts rear their ugly heads again and make us yearn once more for a big one”, a lady explains.

Indeed, many have capitalized on this “size issue” and the insecurity of many men, to sell a lot of fake penile enhancement products to unsuspecting men.

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