Hello folks, these are the experiences of a young lady who says she will never go for young boys her age. Enjoy the read and share your thoughts as well.

1. Younger Guys Are Immature

I’d always heard that girls mature faster than boys. Well, now that I’m a senior in college, I can tell you for a FACT that it’s true. I can barely hold a conversation with a guy my own age. Most of these frat “bros” are way too focused on pulling off keg stand tricks, smoking pot, and seeing who can get the most frags in “Call of duty”. Not only that, but there is an emotional immaturity that makes it nearly impossible to build a deep, fulfilling connection.

2. Younger Guys Cum In 2 Minutes

I get it. I’m hot. But this is ridiculous. Most guys my age cum after 7 or 8 pumps… And sometimes they cum before they even stick it in me! I mean, think about baseball, or jerk off before we meet up, ok? SO frustrating. Just kidding. I’m done with guys my age.

3. Younger Guys Are Selfish In Bed

This one really makes me angry. Because the few guys my age who don’t cum right away, are usually selfish bastards. Look, just because it was good for you, does NOT mean it was good for me. And try looking up the word “foreplay” in the dictionary sometime. Women do NOT get aroused as fast as you, and it takes longer for us to cum. I don’t get it. Don’t you want to please me? Don’t you want me to come back for seconds?

4. Younger Guys Don’t Know What They Want

I could write a book on what younger guys don’ know. They don’t know how to make a woman feel special or understood. They don’t know how to please us in bed. They don’t know what they want out of life. They don’t know what they want out of a relationship. They don’t even know themselves. I mean, how can you find out who I am, if you don’t know who you are?

5. Younger Guys Aren’t Established Yet

To be clear, I’m not talking about money here. The man I’m seeing now is 26 years older than me, and he’s not rich by a long shot. But he’s established. He has nice friends, his own apartment, and he’s stable. I can count on him. Younger guys are all over the place, and their lives are in a constant state of limbo. Such a turnoff.

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2 comments on “5 Reasons I Don’t Date Guys My Age”

  1. If the dating is a serious one leading to marriage, then I agree with you but if it is just for fun then I advice should rather find something better that will occupy you.
    Simple because your body is the temple of God and shall give account of everything done with it on the day of judgement. God help us all.

  2. Great article girl, really. I have watched with some horror as to how I many of the younger men, {under aged 30}, are immature and not even seriously interested in knowing how to really please a woman.

    Now, I’m 58, single, (no not single parent}, & in fact are currently receiving specialised coaching so I be able to successfully “date”, pickup and pleasure and satisfy these younger women.

    More diet changes to further boost the libido also.

    Many thanks to Craig of ‘The Gotham Club’ for a link or pointer to this article. Gary.

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