Ghana Religion News-The Head Pastor of the Atasemanso Branch of Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC), Pastor Samuel Aduama says prayer is the only key to unlocking heaven’s doors for blessings on humanity.

Though it is a simple act, Pastor Sammy stresses prayer does unimaginable and unexplainable things for those who deploy same.

Speaking to this reporter ahead of a five day prayer festival christened, ‘Open Heavens’ being held at Atasemanso from the 1st of August to the 5th, Pastor Sammy trusts God to answer those who pray out their needs.

The best way of having answers to prayer is to pray the will of God on one’s life and to trust God on that, the CCC Pastor disclosed.

‘’We as a church are determined to see an open heavens on our lives and we know as we pray and do so with an open heart we are sure to be heard by God’’, Pastor Sammy noted with passion.


The Servant of God who doubles as a life coach and an empowerment teacher rallied the church to be diligent in prayer at all times.

According to him, it does not always take a one-off prayer to see breakthroughs and open heavens.

Rather, he noted a consistent and continuous prayer life is the key to unlocking answers from heaven concerning whatever issue one may have laid before God.

God, the youthful leader noted is not enthused with people who display laziness or apathy towards prayer, adding God hears the prayer of the diligent.

‘’God is not training up people who feel lazy to pray but he rather answers the prayer of those who are diligent and consistent on their knees’’, the CCC branch head posited.


Pastor Sammy urged Christians to be mindful of the way they live and conduct themselves in the world.

According to him, this is the perilous times the Bible predicted insisting that those whose hearts are stayed on God are the sure ones to overcome the temptations that lie at the door.

The Minister of God rallied the Church to be diligent and watchful in prayer knowing these are the last days.

‘’It is important that as Christians we know the time and seasons we are in seeing that these are the last days the Bible talked about’’, Pastor Sammy revealed.

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